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You may already have encountered ads suggesting horse supplements to help top up friendly bacteria in the digestive system of your animal. So, are horse probiotic supplements really important to your animal's digestive processes? Find out more here...


Why Are Bacteria Present in the Horse's Gut?


Mammals are always able to secrete enzymes important in the digestion of specific nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins. But the animals are unable to secrete enzymes that can break down fiber. In the case of herbivores, they've been able to depend on billions of microorganisms obtainable in the plants and grass they eat while grazing on natural pasture. These microscopic organisms include bacteria critical in the breakdown of fiber. Read more great facts on horse digestive enzymes, click here. 


The problem today is that horses no longer have access to vast grazing land with the many natural plants they can eat to obtain the required bacteria for digestive purposes. If your horse continues to eat food that lacks in these important microorganisms, a deficiency level is reached whereby the fiber eaten cannot be optimally broken down into energy and nutrients that your animal needs every day. The role of horse probiotic supplements here is to help crank up the population of useful bacteria in the intestines and overall digestive processes of the animal.


The presence of bacteria in the gut is also essential to the overall wellness of your horse. These bacterial are a vital part and parcel of the horse's immune system, helping it fight infection and stay healthier for longer. 


A number of other factors (besides not eating a sufficient diversity of natural green plants) may result in a poor bacterial balance within the intestinal tract of your horse. These include stress on the part of the animal, chemical worming, surgery, change of diet, and intense physical activity, such as during competition. A horse that has taken antibiotics or had vaccinations may also have the bacteria in its digestive tract thrown off balance.


It's essential to keep in mind that the microorganisms that come with horse supplements ought to be live. So ensure that the probiotics you buy for your horse have an indication of live bacteria or fungi they carry. Usually, the packaging for such supplements indicates their probiotic strength and viability in terms of Colony Forming Units (CFUs).


For the digestive system of your horse to function properly, you may need to introduce the right supplements to the overall diet. Usually, these may include horse probiotic supplements. Please view this site for further details.